If the Access Advanced Search permission is enabled for you, you can build and save custom searches. Saved searches are useful for common searches that are frequently run. With that permission, you can also search for assets and filter by date ranges, file formats, and metadata, and export results.

Located in the More dropdown on the Dashboard, the advanced search will open to display all metadata fields that can be searched. Search within specific metadata fields and narrow search results by selecting specific fields that display. Select single or multiple metadata fields to perform an advanced search, then export results.

Some of the most commonly used advanced searches in the Widen Collective are:

  • Asset group
  • Category
  • Date added
  • Date updated
  • Expiration date
  • File format
  • File size (in kb)
  • Metadata type
  • Number of versions
  • Release date

Asset group search

Search for all assets in a particular asset group using this advanced search. Search to find assets that are in a specific asset group and those that aren't included in an asset group.

Category search

Search for assets by category and save spotlight searches for categories. Enter a category name, if known, or a term that's part of a category name, and assets that are included in that category, as well as in other categories using that same term, will be returned.

To perform an advanced category search to find assets in a specific parent and child category, enter category names exactly as they appear in your site along with a slash ( / ) between the names. For example, to find assets in the Photography parent category and Events child category, enter Photography/Events.

Date search

Using any of the date searches  (added, updated, last edited, release, or expiration), find assets in a specific date range or in days from the current date. Only assets that have been added, updated, edited, released, or expired during the range indicated will display in advanced search results.

The days from the current date searches for assets for a specified number of days in the future. For example, to find assets that expire within 7 days, including the current date, enter "7." Assets that expire in the next 7 days will display in advanced search results.

To find assets that were added in the last 20 days, including the current date, enter "-20." Assets added in the last 20 days will display in advanced search results. If you save the search, assets you've added in the last 20 days will be automatically added to the saved search.

File format search

Search for assets in a particular file format using this advanced search.

File size search

Search for assets that are equal to, greater than, or less than a particular kilobyte size using the file size search. Kilobyte sizes entered should not include a comma if they're greater than four digits.

Metadata type

Search for all assets that are included in a particular metadata type using this advanced search.

Save advanced searches

You can save advanced searches by entering a title for the search in the Save/Export As field or by performing an advanced search and clicking Save > Save Search in the upper right of search results. Saved searches can be accessed from the More dropdown. Saved searches can also be turned into spotlight searches from the More dropdown.

Export advanced searches

After you perform an advanced search, you can create an export of the search. You can:

  • Use Save/Export As to enter a custom name for the export
  • Use Search to see search criteria results before exporting
  • Use Export Results to export using a default report name