Some file formats can be converted, meaning they can be changed to other file types when you download assets or share assets. Each Widen Collective site has its own set of conversion formats. Conversion formats that display when you download or share assets depend on your role. They're determined by Collective admins and set up by the Widen Central Support team.

Image files can be converted into specific file size, DPI, color space, and file format. Video files can be converted into a specific bitrate, frame rate, or pixel width and height. Files can be converted to at least one format other than original format.

Files do not convert into a higher resolution than the original file that has been uploaded. If the original file is 72 DPI, the file that is downloaded or shared will be 72 DPI. To determine the resolution of the original file, search for the asset and click the filename in the asset's thumbnail in search results. The asset's resolution will be under the preview on the Asset Details page.

Watermarks can be applied to all or select conversion formats.

Image conversion format at download

Conversions when downloading from the Selection panel

Refer to the Widen Collective Supported File Types document for a list of supported and unsupported file types. Previews will be automatically created for supported file types when you upload files.

If a file format isn't supported, it'll be marked as a generic binary file format, which means that it could not be identified by the Collective and, therefore, a preview could not be generated.

Unsupported file types

Unsupported file types can’t be changed to other file types and a preview will not be generated, but they can be hosted in the Collective and downloaded in their native format. You can upload alternate previews for unsupported file types.