Search results display on the Search Results page. You can access the Search Results page by entering a search term in the quick search or from the Activity menu on the Dashboard.

Only assets you have permission to view will be returned in the search results. Assets with filenames that include foreign language characters (diacritics) will display in search results along with those without special characters. From search results, click an asset's filename to see details about the asset, refine search results, and add assets to the Selection panel to download or share. More search options, including searching categories and collections, are available above search results.

Up to 10,000 assets will display in search results. If there are more than 10,000 results, the total number of results will be indicated at the top of the results.

"Did you mean?" search

If you enter a single word search term and misspell it, "did you mean" suggests a correctly spelled word that will yield search results. Click the option presented to review the search results.

Sort search results

Sort search results, select to view results as thumbnails or in a list, view different sizes of thumbnails, and navigate through multiple pages of results. Sorting options, including sorting by date added, release date, order count, custom metadata, and Quick Insights, are available in the gray bar in search results.

Thumbnail and list views

The thumbnail view is the standard display for search results. An asset preview, filename, and action icons display in the thumbnail previews.

The list view lists the results in a table. A smaller preview, the filename, and action icons display in list view. Click the list view to return to thumbnail view.

Preview size selector

Previews of assets from search results in different sizes within the thumbnail display within the thumbnail and list view options. Select from tiny, small, medium, large, and extra large options from the preview selector dropdown. Buttons will change to icons when you select smaller previews.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are available in the Thumbnail dropdown for thumbnail and list views, preview size, showing asset details, and InDesign placement.

Show and hide details

Search results thumbnails display primary actions for assets, like downloading and sharing. Either hover over an asset or click the Thumbnail dropdown and check Show Details to see more information about assets.

Hovering over an asset or showing details displays all details about assets, including a description, number of versions and alternate previews, asset group flags, the collection name (if an asset is included in a global collection),  metadata, and the secondary actions of watching, commenting, editing, and deleting.

If you uncheck Show Details, hover over the thumbnail of an asset to see more details about it.

Secondary actions

Secondary actions, including watching assets, commenting, editing, and deleting, are included in the gray bar in the asset thumbnail footer. The number of versions, if the asset is in a global collection, if there are attached documents, and flags for asset groups information displays when you hover over an individual asset or check Show Details.

Navigate multiple pages in search results

To optimize page performance and give you the ability to see 500 results per page, assets display while you're scrolling through results. Use the single arrow by the page number to navigate forward or back by one page, and the double arrow to navigate to the beginning or end of the results. The numbers between the arrows indicate the number of pages. Click the page number to open a window and type in the page number you want to jump to.

To automatically return to the top of search results when you're scrolling, click the arrow on the far right.

Check out our brief video to learn more about navigating search results.