If you have permission, you can share assets with someone else, including someone without an account. Share assets:

Assets that have previously been shared can be reordered from the Shares page.

There is no cost for sharing assets.

Reorder assets

To reorder assets from an original order to share with someone else, view the order on the Shares page, then add the assets from that order to the Selection panel.

Choose conversion formats

When share assets via email, you can select conversion formats from the list of available formats. Depending on the file types you've selected and the conversion formats available on your site, you'll see various formats to share. Your permissions will also vary the available conversion options.


Processing time

After assets are shared, they're sent to a processor to be converted to selected formats. Files for images process between 30 seconds and two minutes. Files for videos take longer. Processing time depends on a video's size, quality, and the number of frames in the video's file.

A note indicating the file will take time to process displays for files that require additional time. Wait for the files to process or access the Shares page to download the files at a later time.

Check out the brief video to learn more about sharing assets.