With the refine search, you can narrow search results using filters that are based on certain criteria. After search results display, the Refine Search area in the left navigation automatically offers options for you to further refine your search and narrow the results. The area remains in place and visible as you scroll through results.

As you filter a search, tags will display above the search results to confirm the filters have been applied, which gives more prominence to your initial searches as well as a way to back out of your search experience. The left navigation is updated as you add and clear tags. Any subsequent searches within or filters you choose will display above the search results.



Clear filters to return to your prior search results. You can also click the X to remove a filter, which will update the search results and the refine search in the left navigation.

Choose refine search options that display

If you're a Collective admin, you can configure the fields you'd like displayed as refine search options, as well as the order you want them to display in.

Searches can be refined by: