Can I replace the site logo with an asset from within the site?

You can choose any asset from within your site to replace the site’s logo using site branding tools. There are two ways to select a new logo from the Site Branding page in the Admin app. Click Search for Files to search the site for a logo. By default, search results will include assets containing the word “logo” in the filename or metadata. You can run a new search by keyword(s) by replacing the text in the quick search.

The second option is to click Select Files and search your desktop or other location for a file.

Either option can also be used to replace the logo graphic, background graphic, and mobile logo.

How often can our login page be updated?

Your login page can be updated as often as you want. The tools are there for you to experiment with new images at any time. Remember to use the Live Preview to review the new layout, then click Apply All Changes Now when you're ready.

Your changes may take a few minutes to update. If you don't see your changes within a few minutes, try clearing your browser’s cache and refreshing the page.

How do I change the position, customize, or remove the Support text on the login page?

The line "Visit our Support Center if you need assistance." cannot be repositioned, customized, or removed from the login page. Its purpose is to give users who need help logging in to the site a direct line to the Widen Central Support team to quickly resolve issues or ask questions.