Here it is! We’re talking about this week’s release of version 14.8 of the Widen Collective in this change history. You’ll see faster load times for pages in Workflow, and there are also a few bug fixes we wanted to let you know about. 

Any questions? Feel free reach out any of us here at Widen. We’re happy to help!

Assets resolved issue

  • The issue with alerts not clearing in IE11 after you’ve reviewed them has been resolved.

Portals resolved issue

  • The issue with receiving a blank ZIP file when you download all assets from an assets section has been resolved.


Project and proof lists now load faster!

When you’ve got a lengthy list of projects or proofs, you’ll now see the first 500 in the lists, ordered by priority (urgent, high, normal, paused) and then by project age (newest to oldest).

To accomplish this performance enhancement, we’ve removed the Decisions column from the proofs list. Before removal, it was taking quite a while to load all of the projects and proofs you’re working on, causing delays to getting your work done. Now, those results can be displayed in under a second, helping you to move faster and get things accomplished.

Note that the Decisions column is still available on each project’s details page.