The enhanced proofer is a tool in the Workflow app that gives you a few more reviewing options than our standard proofing tool. Its user interface has a different look and feel to distinguish it from the standard option. If you select the Workflow with Enhanced Proofing option, the enhanced proofer will be included.

Similar to the standard proofer, you can add and reply to comments in the enhanced proofer, @ mention people in comments, pin and mark up comments, submit your feedback, set up reviewers and stages in workflows, and more. (Note that only the proofers differ. Setting up a workflow, viewing proofs, adding and editing project managers and proof providers, etc. all remain the same.)

The enhanced proofer offers a few additional capabilities, however. In addition to the standard supported file types, AI, PSD, and video files can be routed in the enhanced proofer. You can also quickly compare proof versions side by side, like someone else’s comments, share private comments, delete comments and restore deleted comments, and select from additional markup options.

Note that any projects set up in using one of the proofers - either the standard one or the enhanced one - will continue to display in that proofer until the project is closed. As well, if you move to the Workgroup tier of Workflow from the Business tier, you’ll be able to review only the standard supported file types.

Learn more about reviewing proofs in the enhanced proofer in this article.