Welcome to 2019 and this year’s first release of the Widen Collective®! Here’s what you’ll see this release.

Assets resolved issue

  • The issue with downloads of cropped assets including two file extensions has been resolved.

Portals resolved issues

  • The issue with controlled metadata values not displaying when searching to filter has been resolved.

  • The issue with copying and pasting text from one text area to another has been resolved.


The enhanced proofer is now available!

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to be able to proof videos or compare a previous proof version with the current version, you can now do that with our enhanced Workflow proofer.

Similar to our standard proofer, you can add and reply to comments in the enhanced proofer, @ mention people in comments, pin and mark up comments, submit your feedback, set up reviewers and stages in workflows, and more. (Note that only the proofers differ. Setting up a workflow, viewing proofs, adding and editing project managers and proof providers, etc. all remain the same.)

The enhanced proofer offers a few additional capabilities, however. In addition to the standard supported file types, AI, PSD, and video files can be routed in the enhanced proofer. You can also quickly compare proof versions side by side, like someone else’s comments, share private comments, delete comments and restore deleted comments, and select from additional markup options. Learn more about reviewing proofs in the enhanced proofer in this article.

With the addition of the enhanced proofer, we’ve also updated the Workflow tier names. They’re now Core Workflow, which includes our standard proofer, and Workflow with Enhanced Proofing, which allows the addition of proofing videos, animated GIFs, and side-by-side proofing. Let your customer success manager if you’d like to upgrade to the enhanced proofing tier.