This is it! The last release of the Widen Collective for 2018. And there’s a lot that you’ll see throughout many of the apps. Ready to learn more? 


Updates and Resolved Issues

  • Adobe CC 2019 is now supported in the Widen Collective.

  • The Quick Insights & Engagement Score feature name has been updated to Quick Insights.

  • The issue with the Edit default user settings button being available to users other than Collective admins has been resolved.

  • The issue with not being able to edit metadata field values or edit metadata fields has been resolved.

Portals update


See data on the Workflow dashboard

If you have permission to access the Workflow dashboard, you’ll now see a new dashboard right when you log in! This dashboard gives you insight, at a glance, into how Workflow is being used at your organization. See the number of requests others have submitted, projects that were created, and the deliverables that were closed, by year. Get details about your current work, including the number of open requests that need your approval and the number of deliverables that need your review, along with their priority. And download those details, along with more information, into a CSV file or click your work to get a better idea of its progress. No more clicking through each list of projects to see what’s happening. It’s all right there in one awesome spot!

Simplified Workflow email options

Did you know there were 22 email choices in Workflow? And you were getting lots of those, which may have been helpful...or overwhelming. To help simplify your Workflow life, we’re introducing all-new email options you can choose from. They’re intended to help decrease the volume of emails you receive and provide more detailed guidance into the actions you can take. We’ve eliminated the old choices and started from scratch, allowing you to stay organized and on top of when proofs are needed, if you’re mentioned on something, and the dates projects are due.

Get notified:

  • When there’s a proof that needs your review or comments

  • If you’ve been mentioned on a proof. If someone mentions you multiple times in a short timeframe, you’ll get one email with all the mentions.

  • If you’re assigned as a proof provider and a proof is needed

  • If a request has been submitted

  • If a request has been approved or denied

  • If there’s a comment added to a work request from the request reviewer

Each email includes a button to take direct action on the request.

Create project / Submit request buttons

You now have quick access to create projects or submit project requests from the top of the left navigation in Workflow. We’ve moved those options from the Projects area to the top to make them more discoverable and provide more consistent experience across our apps. Access the buttons from any page within the app!

We’ve also removed the In progress option, because the information duplicated the Projects link, and we moved the Requests link into the main navigation. You told us that was a hard one to find, so we hope this allows you to more quickly see those requests that have been submitted.

API update

  • A new endpoint to get metadata fields has been added to version 2.0 of the API.