As a way to help reviewers and proof providers determine which deliverables are the most important to focus on, and to help project managers more easily keep track of the urgency in which deliverables need to be completed, we’ve added the ability to set a priority for deliverables and for reviewers and commenters to see priorities and filter them.

Any user who can edit a deliverable (project and deliverable managers, proof providers, and Workflow administrators) can edit the priority. Reviewers and commenters will see priority, but can only filter by it.

Different icons correspond to different priorities. There are four priorities:

  • Urgent

  • High

  • Normal (The normal priority does not have an associated icon.)

  • Paused

Priority is displayed for deliverables in My tasks and All proofs.

Priority can be added when a project is created and updated as you learn new information - for instance, if the deliverable needs to be completed much earlier than originally anticipated or if it has a longer timeframe for completion. By default, when a deliverable is created, it will be assigned a normal priority.

If you need to find out the priority for a deliverable, filter and sort by priority level.