If you need to link directly to search results either from your dashboard or to share a link, the steps to accomplish that are outlined below.

First, go to advanced search and filter to the desired results.

Note that if you’re using a free-text field, like a category, make sure you use the exact phrase as it’s entered in your metadata.

Select Search. You do not need to save the search. This will return your search results and will add the search parameters in your quick search box.

Remove the brackets from your search and copy the text in the quick search box.

Alter the URL after .com/ ...

Add /search/ and then paste your search parameters. Be sure to include %20 wherever there’s a space to ensure that the parameters are upheld when the link is clicked.

Note that, before you click enter, be sure to copy the URL as it will change once you hit enter/return. 

This URL will now return your desired search results without having to link to a spotlight search and you can add this to your dashboard messages or whenever you need to link to a set of search results. 

Note that only those with access to your Widen Collective site will be able to use this link.