Great news! Version 14.1 of the Widen Collective will be released this Saturday, October 27. Want to learn more about this update? Take a look below!


Improved login experience

When you and your users log in to the Widen Collective app, you’ll now see clearer messages to help guide you through login issues. Updated messaging displays:

  • When you enter an incorrect password

  • As notification if you’ll be locked out of your account and if you’re locked out

  • To help if you’ve forgotten your password

Update and Resolved Issue

  • MTS files are now fully supported as videos. For newly uploaded MTS files, video previews will display, share links will be available for sharing with other viewers, and embed codes will be generated on embedded webpages. MTS files can also be converted to other video formats.

  • The issue with users seeing searches they didn’t perform in the quick search has been resolved.


Resolved Issue

  • The issue with errors occurring when exporting user counts from the Asset Engagement dashboard has been resolved.


Resolved Issue

  • The issue with images for templates not loading when you’re customizing a template has been resolved.


This release, we focused on adding more to custom request forms and have included a way to move proof files that aren’t final to the Assets up. We’ve also added Workflow to our API!

More field options for custom work request forms

When you’re creating work request forms and requesting information about projects from users, you can now choose from more fields to include on those forms. In addition to paragraph and short answer fields, you can include checkbox, date, and multiple choice fields.

Use checkboxes to allow requesters to select multiple answers to a question (e.g., What languages should this be translated in?, with a list of language options). Multiple choice questions allow requesters to select one choice from a group of two or more choices. It’s great for yes and no questions when there’s only one answer.

Move alternate files to Assets when you’re closing a deliverable

This is for files that you’ve created in addition to the final file of a deliverable. Those source files can now be sent to the Assets app when you’re closing the deliverable so others can download or share them, allowing for a complete picture of an asset. Just click Change file to add the source files, then release them to Assets.

As before, a link is available to the file in Assets from the deliverable details page in Workflow after the file has been uploaded.

Note that a preview of the asset will display in Assets only for GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG, and TIFF files. For other files, you’ll see the “Preview not available” thumbnail, and those files will upload to Assets just the same.

An API is now available for Workflow!

Last, but not least, we’ve made our API even more valuable now by including Workflow in the mix. Read more in our Workflow API documentation here!

API updates

  • Chunked uploading is now supported in version 2.0 of the API. This allows assets with large file sizes to be broken into pieces and uploaded as smaller chunks. Read more about chunked uploading here.