Hello, September. With a fresh, new month comes a fresh, new release of the Widen Collective. We’ll be releasing version 13.11 this Saturday, and there’s quite a bit that you’ll see — particularly in Workflow, along with updates to Assets and Portals. More info below!

Also, if you haven’t already, consider joining us and register for the 2019 Widen Summit. It’s sure to be a great time!



  • When you refine or update your search results, the results will refresh and you’ll now be at the top of the page, allowing you to add new filters (and remove them) to narrow the results.


Update and Resolved Issues

  • When you’re viewing an asset in Quick View from a portal, the cookie notification no longer displays over the top navigation. This allows you to quickly see previous and next assets and close Quick View.

  • The issue with asset sections displaying in public views of portals, even though there are no assets in the sections, has been resolved.

  • The issue with collection previews in portals not displaying or displaying inconsistently has been resolved.


New! Create custom work request forms

We’ve talked with many of you Workflow users and heard often how much you’d love to be able to customize the options and information that requesters need to complete on work request forms. Well, now you can! You need to be in the Business tier of Workflow to be able to see and add these customizable sections and have permission to create and update request forms and approve requests.

When customizing sections of the form, you can modify section headings and descriptions then add, edit, and remove fields and include placeholder text for those fields to help users complete the form. Add short text fields, which are quick, single lines of text, and paragraph fields, which are — you guessed it — multiple lines of text to explain something to people who are completing the form. You can even make fields required, move fields before and after previous fields in the customizable area, and edit and delete fields. Soon, you’ll be able to remove and add back supporting file and description fields.

When you add fields, they’ll be in edit mode so you can enter field information with quickness and ease. Fields can even be added without information.

Note that, if you move from the Business tier to the Workgroup tier of Workflow, any custom fields will be automatically removed from forms you’ve created and you’ll no longer have the ability to add custom fields to new forms.

Don’t forget to select to receive email notifications when new requests are submitted!