We’re kicking off August with a brand new release of the Widen Collective. You’ll see some updates to Assets, Portals, and Workflow this release, so read on to learn more.


Updates and Resolved Issues

  • Previous and Next buttons have been added back to the user profile page on the User administration page in the Admin app.

  • We’ve improved the consistency of session logins, so users will no longer be logged out of the Collective while assets are uploading.

  • The issue with the window closing when searching for collections and categories has been resolved.

  • The issue with PDF exports from search results including only the first asset in the results has been resolved.

  • The issue with list views of search results displaying in a staggered view has been resolved.

  • The issue with dependent metadata not displaying in Quick View has been resolved.


See the number of displayed search results portals on the dashboard

The number of portals on the Portals Dashboard is currently listed in the upper left, and it updates as you refine searches. After this release, you’ll now see two numbers. The first indicates the total number of portals that are currently displayed and the second indicates the total number of search results available that match the search and filter fields. As you further refine the search, the numbers will update.

A limit of 250 portals display on the Dashboard at one time.

Reply to someone who invited you to a portal

When you’re invited to a portal, you can now reply to the sender if you have questions or need more information. The reply will go to the person who shared the portal, not the one who created it. Pretty great, right?



Mark when you’re done commenting on a proof

Commenters haven’t had the option to say when they’ve finished adding their comments to a proof...until today! You can now indicate that you’re finished commenting on a proof when you’re done adding your feedback. Note that if you select to finish commenting, but have additional comments, you can continue to add those until review of the current version is complete.



After you say you’re finished, the status will update to show that you’re done and the task will be removed from your tasks list.



It’ll also be indicated in the workflow for the project, so project creators can quickly see who still needs to send feedback.



Add workgroups as users and approvers on request forms

The latest update to request forms helps simplify how you add people to use and/or approve work request forms. You can now simply add workgroups as users and approvers of those forms. Previously, you could select only individual users who could use and/or approve requests. Now, just create a workgroup for your teams or departments and allow that workgroup to have access to specific request forms. As members change in the group, quickly add new users to the workgroup and those users will automatically gain access to the appropriate request forms.