The latest release of the Widen Collective - version 13.7 - happens this weekend, and we wanted to share with you a bit about all the exciting things you’ll see in the Collective. Enjoy!


Update and Resolved Issues

  • Since archived assets now download immediately, you'll no longer see messaging that they may take several hours to become available for download. Emails that archived assets are ready for download will also no longer be sent.
  • The issue with users being logged out of the Collective before the two-hour timeout limit when navigating has been resolved.

  • The issue with preset share links for the original width and height defaulting to the original width and height parameters of the asset the preset was created on has been resolved.

  • The issue with the delay in loading spotlight collections has been resolved.


Resolved Issue

  • The issue with charts not loading data or erroring when loading data has been resolved.


Change background colors in banners

If you want to include a color like your brand color in banner, or don’t have an image to include, you can now add a background color for the banner. Just click Change background color, choose the one you’d like or enter a Hex or RGB value, and you’ll be on your way to a colorful portal.

Watch video playlists on a loop

We’ve got an exciting enhancement to Video Portals to share. You can now choose from a loop option to continuously play all videos in a playlist. Say you’re at a convention and don’t want to have to restart a playlist every time it ends. Now you don’t have to! Enabled by default, the looping option will continue to play through all the videos in the playlist until you click stop.

Other Update and Resolved Issues

  • When you need to undo an action, you’ll now see notification of that and be able to undo it in the bottom right corner.

  • The issue with portal creators seeing multiple versions of the same portal on the dashboard for portals they’ve been invited to has been resolved.

  • The issue with portal creators being unable to change the background color in the navigation section has been resolved.


We’ve made it easier to submit feedback when reviewing proofs

To give users a better understanding of the action they need to take when they see a proof, anyone who’s reviewing proofs will now see a Complete review button at the top of the proof. Choose to approve it, approve it with edits, or request changes, then submit your feedback!

Page through projects and proofs

When you select an in-progress project or in-review proof, you’ll now see arrows in the upper right of the page that allow you to page through previous and next projects and proofs. Quickly see the details without having to lose your place in the list view.

Check completed dates for review stages

For each review stage in a workflow, you’ll now see the date the stage was originally due and the actual completion date, allowing you to easily assess if/how long each stage was and if they go longer than anticipated.

See more information about what happened during rounds

To give a clearer picture of what occurs during stages and rounds, we’ve improved the information that’s listed for what event occurred during each round. See when a proof was uploaded for a round, who approved the proof during a previous stage or moved it from a previous stage, or if a stage was skipped. Also see the number of days, hours, or minutes it took for a round to be completed.

Other Updates

  • You can now delete work request forms from the Forms list.

  • For saved workflow lists, there’s now a dropdown to see all workflows, public workflows, and your private workflows.

  • When you close a deliverable and upload it to the Collective, the Closed deliverable link will now take you directly to the Assets app to see the file.

  • Favicons are now supported in the Workflow app.