Here it is! This month’s second release of updates to your Widen Collective site. Looking for more details about what you’ll be seeing? This change history has them! Read on to learn more.


Buttons now look alike across our apps!

As we’ve noted in previous change histories, we’re working hard to ensure all apps in the Widen Collective are aligned and have a similar look and feel. As part of that, you’ll notice the primary and secondary buttons - like download and add versions, respectively - and the cancel buttons in Assets look different. Check it out!

Reply to senders of orders and collection share pages

When you receive an order or collection share page from someone else, you can now reply to the sender from the pickup pages if you have questions or need more information. For collection share pages, the reply will go to the person who shared the collection, not the one who created it. Pretty great, right?

Other Updates and Resolved Issue

  • The Subscription page has been removed from the Admin app. We have new processes in place to provide a more consistent experience and this page no longer has access to that invoice data.

  • Microsoft Edge browser is now a supported browser. We have ended support for Safari 9.
  • The issue with embedded video play counts displaying incorrectly in Quick Insights has been resolved.


Resolved Issue

  • The issue with the Add button being grayed out when filtering for file types, file formats, and categories has been resolved.


Click to play animated GIFs

To provide a uniform experience when you’re previewing animated GIFs in Portals and Assets, we’ve updated how GIFs for assets in a portal display in Quick View. You can now click play to start the animation and stop to discontinue playing the GIF. Previously, the animation began after Quick View was loaded.

The play and stop button won’t display for GIFs without animation.

Updated look for buttons and dropdowns

We’re working to improve the look and feel of Portals so it matches our other apps. To that end, you’ll see some updates to the look of dropdowns and buttons throughout the app.

Other Update and Resolved Issues

  • To help better understand where assets are downloaded in a portal, we now map which assets are downloaded from a collection within a portal in the Insights app.

  • The issue with zero results displaying when year to date is selected for portal views has been resolved.

  • The issue with scrolling not working in a portal has been resolved.