It’s that time! Time for the next release of the Widen Collective, where you’ll see quite a few updates and enhancements to your site. It happens this Saturday, June 9, so watch for them the next time you log in. More information below on what you’ll see.


Update and Resolved Issues

  • Once you close out of the cookie notification, it will no longer display unless you’ve chosen to delete cookies when the browser is closed.

  • The Asset uploads page in the Admin app is again available to view.

  • The issue with the ability to view all watched assets not displaying has been resolved.


Portals page views are now available!

Something we’ve gotten many requests for is to see how many times people look at a portal that's been created. Well, now you’re in luck! From the Options menu for each portal, you’re now able to see how many times your portals have been viewed. Anyone that enters a portal, either when creating it or after it’s been shared, is considered a viewer.


To see portal views, simply:

  • Access the Portals dashboard from the Collective

  • View the options for your desired portal

  • Select “Portal views” from the menu

  • Define your date range

Voila! Portal views.


See settings in a full-page view

The settings for Workflow, which had previously been in a drawer that displayed from the side of the page, is now a full page. You can now access settings (workgroups, workflows, forms, and emails) from the gear icon at the top of your site.

More improvements to saved workflows

We’ve wrapped up making changes to saved workflows during this release, adding a few last-minute touches to simplify the process and ease the creation of saved workflows from areas where you’d expect to create them. Workflows can now be created: 

  • For a new deliverable that needs a workflow set up. This brings any work that’s been done up to the point where you’ve chosen to save the workflow. When you’re completing the saved workflow setup, just click “Back to [deliverable name]” and the workflow will be ready to use.

  • From a previously created deliverable to reuse a previously saved workflow. This copies the entire workflow structure, including reviewers, from the previous workflow to the deliverable.

  • From the workflow area, accessed from the gear icon, which starts the process from scratch with one stage without reviewers.

Just create the workflow, give it a name, then save it — much like when you create a deliverable. 

Note that a name for a workflow can be the same name as another existing workflow since workflows can be private and users may not know a workflow of the same name already exists.

If you’re an admin or the creator of a workflow, you can now also edit and delete workflows or show and hide all global workflows and make a workflow public or private from the Workflows area. Workflow admins can also see and modify all public and private workflows. By default, they will see all the workflows on the site.

API Update

  • There’s now a limit of up to 10,000 search results in version 1.0 of the API. To retrieve result sets greater than 10,000, please use the scrolling search endpoint in version 2.0 of the API.