Great news! We’re releasing version 13.4 of the Widen Collective this weekend! As always, there are a multitude of things we want to share with you about what you’ll be seeing in your site when you log in after the weekend, so read on to find out more.

Data privacy compliance

To be transparent about how user data is handled in the Collective and to comply with the new European data privacy regulations, or General Data Protection Regulation, we’ve made these additional updates:

  • You’ll be prompted to review the Privacy Policy, which explains that how your personal data may be stored, when you first register for the site and when you choose an intended use for assets (if the feature is enabled).

  • IP addresses will no longer be listed in Insights and Quick Insights exports, and email addresses will no longer be listed in Insights charts.

New app icons

We’re continually working to make sure your experience in the Collective is the best it can be, and we’re making updates to unify the experience across the app for usability and readability. As part of that, we’ve shiny-ed up the icons we use for Assets, Insights, Portals, Templates, Workflow, and the Admin apps, and you’ll see those reflected throughout your site.

Chat with the Widen Central Support team from each app!

Need a question answered quickly? Can’t remember how to do that one thing you do only every so often in the app? You now have quick access to our Central Support team from the question mark next to your user profile. Chat or email them from wherever you’re at in the app, and the chat or email will open in a new window so you can continue doing the work you need to do in your site.


In addition the new app icons, we’ve made enhancements to the Admin app user interface to align with the cleaner look and feel of the rest of the Collective. With this release, you’ll see updates to the left navigation of the app, including alphabetical ordering of the actions and an updated pin icon.

New top and secondary navigation

You’ll also experience an updated top and secondary navigation in the Admin app. Primary and secondary actions now appear consistently in the upper navigation, and some labels have been modified for improved context.


Other Updates and Resolved Issues

  • The issue with Collective admins being unable to create upload profiles has been resolved.

  • The issue of the download and share buttons disappearing when you’re switching between the default view of an asset and the cropped view has been resolved.


Updates and Resolved Issues

  • When you choose a color in the banner, header, and menu settings in the navigation, you’ll now use the same color picker throughout the app.

  • When you share a portal from the Live Editor, you’ll now see a list of users you’ve previously invited to it when sharing.

  • The issue with download all events for a portal not being captured in Insights exports has been resolved.


Updated interface when you’re customizing templates

If you use our Templates app, you’ll experience a refreshed and enhanced interface that’s not dependent on Flash when customizing templates. While the functionality for making any custom changes is still the same, you’ll see some changes to placement of buttons and multi-page templates in the left navigation. Additionally, you now have the ability to preview what a customized template will look like before downloading or saving it! Pretty great, right?


Improved saved workflows

In our Workflow app, to make the workflow and deliverable setup processes consistent, we’ve updated how you set up saved workflows. When you’re a Workflow admin, you can now view workflows, add and edit descriptions and details, edit workflows, and choose if workflows should be made public or private. You can also delete saved workflows.

At setup, saved workflow reviewers are optional, allowing you to set up workflow “shells” for different projects. For instance, if you follow a certain process, but participants at each stage are different, setting up a saved workflow can save you time going forward.

Different visibility options can be set for saved workflows.

  • Private: Available for use only by the owner of the workflow. It can be managed by saved workflow admins and the person who created the saved workflow.

  • Public: Available for use by all users. It can be managed only by saved workflow admins.

See project creators in project details

Project creator avatar is now listed again in the People area on the project details.