It’s that time! Another release of the Widen Collective will be happening this Saturday, April 28. As always, there’s a lot in store that we think you’ll like. Make yourself comfortable and get ready to learn about what you’ll see in version 13.2.


Updates and Resolved Issues

  • A contacts list has been added to the user profile.

  • You’ll see a bigger Categories menu that fits more categories.

  • The issue with Collections menu disappearing from the Dashboard has been resolved.

  • The issue with where users were seeing download details for users not within their role has been resolved.

  • The issue with all plays of videos being listed as embed views in Quick Insights has been resolved.


Searching for portals just became easier!

We’ve added the ability for your team to find the portals they need, faster. Search by portal name and filter the results through various dropdown filters to find just the one — or ones — you need. You can filter the search results by portal creator(s), whether or not a portal is active or expired, as well as the type of portal, like Brand or Video. 

You can also sort any portals that display on the dashboard. Sort by the date portals were updated, created, or by name. Here’s hoping we made your life a bit easier when it comes to narrowing down all of the portals your team has created and accessing the one you need, faster.

Messaging when searching for portals

You’ll see updated descriptions when you search for portals and there are no results or portals haven’t been created.


New color for the timeline!

That green color on the timeline was b-r-i-g-h-t! We’ve muted it a bit, so now you’ll see that it’s blue to correspond better with the Workflow app.

Quickly see a deliverable’s status

In the Deliverables area, the Status column now lists current stage a deliverable’s in. If the deliverable still needs setup, a stage won’t be listed.

And, when you’re trying to delete the stage, you’ll see an option to do so within the stage, and from that, you can confirm the deletion.