Video Portals let you bring the power of video to everyone on your team. With Video Portals, you can create a microsite to showcase your content in a layout that’s optimized for video assets that meet your brand guidelines.


Video Portals feature:

  • A responsive player that uses device detection to always deliver the best quality video

  • Featured video sections that are optimized to highlight specific content

  • Custom and shareable playlists that you can distribute - no ads or related videos necessary

  • Set up videos to automatically play and loop in a playlist

  • Analytics to help you identify your best videos by tracking views, shares, and downloads

You can even include non-video content, like training materials and spec sheets, to further engage your audiences.


Create Video Portals

After you've chosen to use the video template for your portal, the Live Editor for the Video Portal will display. In the Live Editor, add a video you’d like featured and title the featured video section. One or multiple featured video sections can be added to the portal. With the video player, viewers can choose to enable or disable close captioning for each video.

Playlist sections

A playlist section is a carousel of videos. They’ll display in Quick View when played, and you can choose to automatically play the next one in the list or loop the playlist to continuously play all videos in a playlist.

There are a number of actions you can take in playlist sections. Add more videos to an existing playlist or pin top videos and arrange them in a certain order. From the section’s gear settings, choose a sort order for videos in the section or to automatically play the next video, or allow users to download and share link, embed codes, or direct links. Note that video downloads are only available in the original format.

Add more video sections for different brands or video collections by clicking Add section, then choosing to add another video playlist section or assets and banner sections to the portal. 

Other actions you can take

Select the day (light) or night (dark) them from the gear icon at the top of the portal.

Preview portals and set security

After you’ve finished creating or updating your Video Portal, preview the portal to get a sense of how others will experience it. Please note that the portal may look different to others depending on their role and portal security settings.

You can also make the portal public, set up an access code, or require a Collective login for anyone who is invited to the portal.

View portals

Anyone you invite or share a portal with can choose the format they want to view the video in from the quality selector. They can choose to let the browser automatically detect the best SD or HD format or select a quality of their choice from the dropdown.

They’ll see the duration of the video and can choose to view it in full screen.

Track analytics

Your asset views, shares, and downloads within a Video Portal are tracked to see which ones are the top performers. But videos go further and capture the number of loads, plays, and completions. This data is aggregated into a retention percentage to give you a complete picture of how engaging your videos can truly be! Data displays in the Insights app.