Ready for the next release of the Widen Collective? We are! We’re excited to share with you the updates and enhancements you’ll see with this Saturday’s version 13.1 release.


Resolved Issues

  • The issue with collections displaying in search results even though the collections refine search filter wasn’t selected has been resolved.

  • The issue with unchecking the Search Document Text filter removing all search filters has been resolved.


Video Portals are here!

We’ve launched Video Portals so you can bring the power of video to everyone on your team. Create a microsite to showcase your content in a layout that is optimized for video assets that meet your brand guidelines. Video Portals feature:

  • A responsive player that uses device detection to always deliver the best quality video

  • Featured video section optimized to highlight specific content

  • Custom and shareable playlists that you can distribute - no ads or related videos necessary

  • Identify your best videos through analytics - track video views, shares, and downloads.

  • Include non-video content, like training materials and spec sheets, to further engage your audiences

Watch for articles on how to create Video Portals to be added soon!


Updates to the project details page

Based on your feedback, we’ve made some updates to the actions you can take on the project details page. You can now:

  • Interact more with the timeline and deliverables in it. Click on the deliverable in the timeline to be taken to the deliverable details page. There, learn more about the deliverable, take action on it, and see the workflow.

  • Add and set up a deliverable setup faster. Click Create in the Deliverables area of the page and you’ll be taken to the deliverable details page to set it up.

Updates to the deliverable details page

You let us know that you really wanted to see the number of decisions made for a deliverable, including those that need to be made, on the deliverable details page to help you quickly gauge if you need to reach out to anyone for feedback or comments. So, we’ve replaced the deliverable manager and proof provider details with that information. The due date and deliverable status remain in place.

Set up deliverables and upload proofs during setup

When you’re setting up a deliverable, you’ll now see a notification when the deliverable is in setup mode to let you know that work still needs to be done before routing and review can take place. Complete the setup by adding a workflow, including at least one required reviewer. You can finish the setup by clicking “Complete setup” at the top of the page.

If you have the proof, you can also now upload it while you’re setting up the project in order to start the review and approval process. Drag and drop it onto the page or add the proof, then continue setting up the workflow and the rest of the project details.


Brightcove integration

We now offer a Brightcove integration to easily connect your video assets from the Collective to your video distribution platform. With the integration, you can:

  • Sync video content from the Collective to Brightcove - Tag video content in the Collective to update it in Brightcove, and the video will be automatically synced from Widen Collective to Brightcove video cloud.

  • Sync metadata between the Collective and Brightcove - Automatically keep your video metadata between Widen and Brightcove in sync. As metadata is updated in one system, the changes are automatically applied to the other system.

  • Link videos from the Collective to Brightcove media - Synced video assets are tagged with a link to the video media in Brightcove.