We have a lot in store for you with this weekend’s release! A LOT. All good things, we think! Like new navigation and user interface updates in Assets, categories filtering in Templates, and spruced-up deliverable page in Workflow.

Curious? Pull up a chair and read on to find out more.


Last month, we announced updates to the UI of your Widen Collective site that are coming soon. And now they’re here! They’re informed by research we’ve conducted with users and are designed to improve interactions with your site.

In addition to the updates below, you’ll see other UI updates as a result of these changes. Things like:

  • A dropdown navigation for all Collective apps and a centralized location for returning to the dashboard, activities, categories, and collections.

  • Activity replacing the Navigation menu on the dashboard to access your collections, downloads, comments, exports, shares, and uploads.

  • All search options, including quick search and more searches, have been moved to one location for easy access.

  • All notifications and alerts are in one place, along with the option to add a personal avatar. You can still access the Widen Collective Support site from there as well as using the question mark.


Navigation and brand color updates

With the latest Assets release, you’ll experience an updated top and secondary navigation in the app. Primary and secondary actions now appear consistently in the upper navigation, and some labels have been modified for improved context.

In addition, through research and talking with users, we learned that varying button colors were distracting and they had difficulties finding what they need. In our continuation of providing the best user experience possible, we’ve updated the button colors to be a standard gray color (hex #3d495c). The gray color will help your assets stand out, which gives users a better experience to find what they need and get on with their day.


Refine search and category filtering updates

Along with the navigation and brand colors, you’ll see changes to search filters —  really cool changes that make it easy to back out if the search isn’t giving you what you need!


As you filter a search, tags will display above the search results to confirm the filters have been applied, which gives more prominence to your initial searches as well as a way to back out of your search experience. (Note that the refine search in the left navigation remains, but it’s updated when you add and clear tags.) Any subsequent searches within or filters you choose will display above the search results.



Clear filters to return to your prior search results. You can also click the X to remove a filter, which will update the search results and the refine search in the left navigation.


If you’re filtering by categories, you’ll also see navigational elements, or breadcrumbs, to filter back to prior categories.




Update and Resolved Issue

  • We’ve updated security settings when users copy URLs within the app. URLs with “?nav” have new checks to ensure that a user has been invited to the portal before viewing it.

  • The issue with email addresses submitted with access codes not being shown for downloads in Insights exports has been resolved.


New top and secondary navigation

With the latest Templates release, you’ll also experience an updated top and secondary navigation in the app. Primary and secondary actions now appear consistently in the upper navigation, and some labels have been modified for improved context.


Categories can now be filtered

With the updated top and secondary navigation, you’ll see that we’ve also updated the category navigation. To improve your users’ search experience, we’ve moved the category selection from the left navigation to now be a filter next to the search bar.


A new deliverable dashboard!

When you want to see details about a particular deliverable, you’ll now see them in a full screen, spiffed-up dashboard view. Instantly know where a review is at with visual timeline indicators. Sort review activity by approval status, last viewed, or reviewer role. See the entire review history with a single click, and edit details about the deliverable with a single click.

Based on user feedback, we’ve updated the way information about stages and rounds displays. See the most recent version of a proof in its most current stage, along with details about the stage, like approval, reviewers, when they last viewed the proof, and the type of review. Message or delete reviewers and commenters, or quickly add more reviewers/commenters to the stage.

If there’s a long list of rounds, or even just a few previous rounds, you’ll see those in the round history rather than in the accordion format. The history lists when the round started, reviewers and their decisions, and includes a link to the proof.

See decisions in deliverable lists

You can now hover over the decisions in a deliverables list to see pending and complete decisions without having to click to see deliverable details.

Resolved Issue

  • The issue with the back arrow not taking you to the project’s list you were originally viewing has been resolved.

Security Update

Your Collective site has been updated to ensure that secure HTTPS is enforced. Insecure HTTP requests are now automatically redirected to HTTPS.