Looking for the latest release of the Widen Collective? You're in luck because you'll see it this Saturday, March 17! Here's what we have in store for you this St. Patrick's Day.


Resolved Issues

  • The issue with collections being included in sites where the refine search is set to show only assets has been resolved.


Asset download popover simplification

We’ve made it easier for you to download a single file when only one format is available from a portal. Just click download the process will begin! (Note that when multiple formats are available to download, you’ll still see the option to select all the formats you need.)


Edit deliverable details

Based on user feedback, we’ve made editing of deliverable information quick and easy to do. Instead of clicking an Edit button for detail you want to update, just click next to the detail, then make your change.

When there are multiple stages for a deliverable and you update a due date, you’ll be asked to update stage and end dates.

Deliverable decisions

In the stages for a deliverable’s workflow, we’ve also added a decision column that list the number of decisions made and needed.

To find out who’s made a decision and who hasn’t, click the number in the column and you’ll see a window with those details. If someone has reviewed or submitted their comments, their name will be listed under completed.

Resolved Issue

  • The issue with fields expanding beyond the settings drawer has been resolved.