Happy dance! You’ll be seeing some updates and enhancements, as well as resolved bugs, in this Saturday’s release of the Widen Collective. Check out below what you’ll be seeing.


Resolved Issues

  • The issue with conflicted PDF assets showing different previews when users are resolving the uploads has been resolved.

  • The issue with being prompted to update incomplete user information when logging in to the Collective with single sign-on has been resolved.


New top and secondary navigation

With the latest Portals release, you’ll also experience an updated top and secondary navigation in the app. This navigation will be rolled out to a few more apps throughout the next few months.

Resolved Issue

  • The issue with non-Portals URLs displaying in the Portal URL column in Insights exports has been resolved.


New layout for deliverables

Information about deliverables will now show in a full-screen view. User feedback showed that the drawer view distracted you from finding out information about deliverables, including their start and due dates, the review stage they’re in, and the workflow that’s been set up for them. This spruced-up view helps you quickly and easily see all the same details about the deliverable that was in the drawer, but with less distraction from other projects.

Visual timeline for review stages

In addition to deliverable page updates, we’ve also updated how you see the review timeline for a deliverable’s workflow. A blue dot applies to active stages, while a gray circle with a dotted line applies to future stages, and a checkmark indicates completed stages. A solid blue line displays between active and completed stages. This helps give a quick visual representation so know at a glance what’s happening.