Saved workflows allow you to quickly set up deliverable review stages with the same decision makers and commenters from previous workflows. They're available when you select the Business tier of Workflow and are saved for anyone to use. They can be public or private, making them easy to access when you want to get a document, flyer, or image reviewed quickly. They're not permissioned by role.

You can create saved workflows from these locations in the Workflow app:

  • The gear icon next to your user profile
  • When you're setting up a new deliverable
  • From a previously created deliverable

Create saved workflows

Start the process of creating a saved workflow from scratch with one stage without reviewers from the gear icon in the Settings menu. Simply click Create workflow and give the workflow a name.

Note that a name for a workflow can be the same name as another existing workflow since workflows can be private and users may not know a workflow of the same name already exists.

Set up the workflow

After you've named the workflow, the workflow will be in setup mode. From there, add a description for the workflow, review stages, and reviewers. During setup, saved workflow reviewers are optional, allowing you to set up workflow “shells” for different projects. For instance, if you follow a certain process, but participants at each stage are different, setting up a saved workflow "shell" can save you time going forward.

Different visibility options can be set for saved workflows.

  • Private: Available for use only by the owner of the workflow. It can be managed by Workflow admins and the person who created the saved workflow.
  • Public: Available for use by all users. It can be managed by Workflow admins and users who can create and manage projects.

After reviewers and stages are added, the workflow will change from draft mode to active, which means that it will be ready to use!

Setting up a new deliverable

After you've added a new deliverable to a project, you can set up the review workflow from scratch or select from the available saved workflows when you're setting up the deliverable. Click Create new workflow and give the workflow a name, then follow the setup instructions above.

When you're setting up a workflow for a new deliverable, any work that’s been done up to the point where you’ve chosen to save the workflow will be included. When you’re completing the saved workflow setup, just click “Back to [deliverable name]” and the workflow will be ready to use.

Previously created deliverables

For a deliverable that's already been created, you can create a saved workflow from the deliverable details page. Under More actions, click Create saved workflow and give the workflow a name, then follow the setup instructions above.

For previously created deliverable, then entire workflow structure, including reviewers, is copied from the previous workflow to the deliverable.

Reuse saved workflows

Quickly select from any workflows you've used in the past when you're setting up stages for review.

View saved workflows

If you're Workflow admin, from the Workflows page you can get a high-level view of all the saved workflows that have been created. Creator names, number of stages, dates workflows were last modified and used, if they're active or in a draft format, and if they're public or private are listed on the page. You can also:

  • Delete workflows
  • Make workflows public or private
  • Show and hide private workflows (By default, you'll see all public and private workflows.)
  • Activate draft workflows

Click one of the workflows to see a list of people involved at each stage. You can add and edit descriptions and details or make modifications to all workflows - public and private - if needed form the workflow details page.

Delete saved workflows

Workflow admins can also delete any saved workflows that are outdated or that are no longer needed because roles have changed. Those workflows can be deleted from the options menu on the Workflows page.