In the Business tier of Workflow, when you're saving review stages, you can also choose if you want to save and reuse the workflow. Using saved workflows, you can save time by quickly setting up deliverables and review stages with the same decision makers and commenters that you used in previous workflows. Saved workflows are saved for anyone to use. They're not saved per individual use or permissioned by role.

Create workflows

When you're adding reviewers and commenters and saving a review stage, you can save the workflow from there for future use. Give your saved workflow a name so it's easy to select the next time you need it.

Reuse saved workflows

Quickly select from any workflows you've used in the past when you're setting up stages for review.

View and delete saved workflows

A list of saved workflows displays in the settings under Workflows.

From the list, you can see a list of people involved at each stage of review.

Delete a saved workflow by clicking the trash can icon.