Great news! Our third release of the Widen Collective happens this weekend! If you’re interested in learning about what you’ll see after your site has been updated, these release notes include those details.


Resolved issues

  • The issue with not being able to create your own share links and embed codes for cropped assets from search results has been resolved.

  • In Quick View:

    • The issue with videos shifting up and not being viewable in Safari has been resolved.

    • The issue with adding a required value to a controlled vocabulary list resulting in an error has been resolved.


New top and secondary navigation

With the latest Insights release, you’ll also experience an updated top and secondary navigation in the app. This navigation will be rolled out to a few more apps throughout the next few months.


Other update

  • You may also notice some updates to icons you use to create, edit, and delete Insights charts.


Updates and resolved issues

  • You can now add your avatar in the Portals app!

  • The issue with downloads of all files from a collection section in portal not opening has been resolved.


Upload multiple supporting files to your projects

You can now upload up to 10 supporting files at a time to a project by dragging and dropping them from your computer or by selecting them. Previews of the uploaded files will display after they’re uploaded. When you have more than one supporting file, this simplifies the process of getting all those supporting documents added to your project so reviewers have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Resolved issues

  • The issue when deliverables are approved with edits and there are additional review stages after a decision has been reached has been resolved.

  • The issue with edit links for closed deliverables remaining visible and accessible has been resolved.