Here it is! Our last Widen Collective release of 2017. We’ve wrapped up the year with updates to Assets, Portals, and Templates and are excited to bring you even more in 2018. Enjoy!


Resolved Issues

  • You can now create share links and embed codes for MOBI files.

  • The issue with changing dropdown metadata fields to palette fields causing an application error has been resolved.

  • The issue with default JPG qualities, fill to frame, and fixed height width for share links and embed codes has been resolved.

  • The issue with file extensions not being included on share link downloads if the filename doesn’t have an extension has been resolved.


Hyperlink text fields using the updated rich text editor

By popular request, you can now include a hyperlink in your portals text fields! The new rich text editor also allows you undo and redo your typing and add bullets and numbers.

New top navigation

With the latest Portals release, you’ll also experience an updated top navigation when creating and managing your portals. This navigation will be rolling out across the Widen Collective throughout the next few months.

Resolved Issue

  • The issue with users who are invited to edit a portal not being able to edit it has been resolved.


Preview and download documents users have customized

As a Collective admin, you can now preview any of the documents your users have customized and downloaded from the Templates app! If order approval is required for those documents, previews let you see the content you’re approving and help you make an informed decision about whether to approve it or not. See order details, a high-res version of the document, and link to the document details page for even more info about the document.

You can see customized documents in Templates Settings > Templates Order Administration in the Admin app and under Unapproved Orders under User-related Tasks on the Admin Dashboard.