We’ve got some exciting updates to share with you about this weekend’s release of the Widen Collective and the API. Learn more about them below!


Updates and Resolved Issues

  • The 2017 and 2018 Adobe CC Connector is available for download from your user profile.

  • The issue with the intended use list not displaying all options has been resolved.

  • The issue with the Download button disappearing when release dates are changed has been resolved.

  • The issue with users being unable to add assets to collections in the Upload Wizard, even when the Assign Assets into Categories permission is enabled, has been resolved.


Other Updates and Resolved Issue

  • You’ll now see a standard blue color used in blank banner backgrounds.

  • You’ll now see a gear icon in the Live Editor top navigation. Click the icon to see the portal’s name, date it was created, who it was created by, and if it expires.

  • The issue with collection previews not displaying has been resolved.


Edit, reply, and mention people in project comments

Add your comments to a project to get your team talking when you're looking at project details. Reply to comments and edit your own comments. You can even @ mention others on the project in your comments. (Note that, as of now, you can only reply once to a comment.)

Visual updates when uploading new proofs

While we haven’t changed the process for uploading new proofs (or new proof versions), you’ll see some improvements to the “Upload a new proof” page, which provide a consistent experience with other uploading pages in Workflow. We’ve moved a couple buttons, reduced the amount of whitespace on the page for a cleaner look, and decreased some font sizes to align better with other pages in the app.

API Updates

  • File upload dates are now included in version 2.0 of the API.

  • You can now clear asset release and expiration dates with the Update Security endpoint in version 2.0.

  • Archived and deleted assets can now optionally be included in search results using version 2.0.

  • The issue with checking the Document Search box in version 1.0 and search results not updating has been resolved.

Refer to our API documentation for more details.