Great news! There’s another release of the Widen Collective happening this Saturday, and we thought you’d like to know what’s in store.


Adobe CC 2018 is now available!

We’ve replaced support of Adobe 2015 and 2017 with support of Adobe CC 2018 in the Collective. When you install Adobe CC 2018 from your user profile, you’ll no longer need to remove the previous version on Macs. On PCs, you’ll be asked to uninstall and reinstall. You may need to update your credentials after upgrading to Adobe CC 2018.


Notification When Assets are Deleted in the Collective

When assets are deleted from your Collective site, they’ll still remain visible in your portals (banner and column images and in thumbnail and collection previews). However, when you go to change an asset in a banner or column section of a portal (or thumbnail or collection preview) that’s been deleted from the Collective, you’ll now be given notice that the asset is no longer in the Collective.


Style Updates When You’re Editing a Stage

When you’re editing review stages in Workflow, you may notice we’ve made some updates to how the stages are added. This was in response to user feedback on creating stages.