User experience in the Widen Collective continues to be at the forefront of our development work with each Collective release. As part of that, we’ve made enhancements to the navigation and table of contents in Portals and improved the experience with commenting in Workflow. A few bugs have been resolved in Assets as well. Read on to learn more.


Updates and Resolved Issues

  • If downloading isn’t enabled for share links and embed codes, the download options (i.e., Asset Download Link, Video and Player with Download, Document View and Download) won’t display when users are sharing assets.

  • The issue with asset groups not deleting has been resolved.

  • The issue with deleting collections (one or a batch) has been resolved.

  • The issue with not being able to select from all intended use options has been resolved.


Navigation Menu and Table of Contents

In the navigation in Brand Portals, you can now drag and drop menu links to set the order you prefer. Create a microsite of portals by linking to other portals and external links. Want brand guidelines for your entire company to display before guidelines for certain regions? Drag and drop those brand guidelines so they’re listed first, followed by guidelines for other areas.

Menu Drag and Drop.png

In the table of contents, in addition to renaming sections, you can now hide them and bring them back to users’ view at a later time. Any sections you’ve hidden will display in a “Hidden Items” section. Click the + to add them back at any time.

You can also rename the table of contents to localize this text for other regions or delete the table of contents title entirely.

Hide TOC.png


Comment on Projects

On each project details page, you can leave comments for those involved with the project. Comment to get a project moving, provide more details if you’re a project manager, or start a conversation among reviewers and commenters. Soon you’ll be able to edit and reply to comments.


Edit Text With the Rich Text Editor

Use the rich text editor to bold, italicize, underline, set up bulleted and numbered lists, align text (left, right, center), and create links to text in project descriptions, the description for project requests, and the instructions for using request forms.

Workflow RTE.png

User Interface Updates to the Requests List

We’ve also updated the user interface so the list of requested projects and the area with project details look the same as the rest of the app.

Project Requests.png