Have you ever wished that metadata could be applied by someone else - or something else - when you’re uploading assets? Or had users upload assets without metadata and you’re not 100 percent sure what descriptions should be included for those assets? If assets don’t get the metadata they need, image recognition and auto-tagging integrations make it easy to make sure assets are automatically tagged with metadata when they're uploaded to the Widen Collective.


We offer integrations with these recognition and tagging services:

Image recognition integrations allow you to:

  • Increase searchability of assets

  • Identify objects and attributes in your assets

  • Automatically apply tags and keywords to assets

  • Set auto tagging for specific upload profiles and metadata fields

  • Detect emotions of faces in images (sentiment analysis)

  • Determine age, gender, and ethnicity (demographic analysis)

  • Moderate assets and automatically delete or hide uploads with inappropriate content

Your customer success manager can help you identify the right image recognition service(s) for your assets and use cases, and provide more details on costs for the integrations.