This month’s release of the Widen Collective features a number of updates, including font updates, integrations with artificial intelligence apps to help enhance metadata entry by using tags and keywords from image recognition services, new navigation available in Portals, saved workflows - along with a number of other updates. We hope you enjoy the Widen Experience!


Font Updates

Our goal for the Collective and its apps is to give you the best user experience possible. The font used within the apps is part of that experience.

Based on user feedback, you may notice that we’ve updated the font to Helvetica Neue throughout the Collective so it’s consistent across all of the apps while also providing a crisp, clean interface so you can quickly find the assets you need.

Support Center User Interface Update

If you refer to our Support Center for how-to instructions or information about features (just like you're doing now :), you'll see that we've made some updates to how the user interface looks. We wanted to provide a cleaner user experience in an effort to help you find information faster.


You can continue to search for helpful articles or browse by sections of articles, or chat or call one of our helpful support specialists just as you normally do.

Image Recognition and Auto Tagging Assets

Have you ever wished that metadata could be applied by someone else - or something else - when you’re uploading assets? Or had users upload assets without metadata and you’re not 100 percent sure what descriptions should be included for those assets? If your images don’t get the metadata they need, image recognition and auto-tagging integrations make integrations make it easy to make sure metadata is included for each asset.

image recognition asset details screen.jpeg

We now offer integrations with these recognition and tagging services:

Image recognition integrations allow you to:

  • Increase searchability of assets

  • Identify objects and attributes in your assets

  • Automatically apply tags and keywords to assets

  • Set auto tagging for specific upload profiles and metadata fields

  • Detect emotions of faces in images (sentiment analysis)

  • Determine age, gender, and ethnicity (demographic analysis)

  • Moderate assets and automatically delete or hide uploads with inappropriate content

Resolved Issues

  • The issue with the Activity Feed not updating has been resolved.
  • The issue with previous versions of PDFs not displaying in Quick View has been resolved.

  • The issue with the Selection panel showing a limited number of options when unreleased assets are selected has been resolved.


Add a Logo, Navigation, and Table of Contents in Brand Portals

Within Brand Portals, you can now create a microsite from the portal by adding navigation. The navigation allows for linking to other portals, external links, and within a portal. 

  • Create and localize a menu on the right side, with links to your portals and other resources

  • Include a table of contents to ease navigation within the portal

  • Add your logo to the header to increase your brand’s visibility

Live Editor View


Public View

Resolved Issue

  • The issue with a portal not being accessible in the Live Editor or on the public page when a collection has been deleted in the Collective has been resolved.


Reusable Workflows

You can now save your workflows for future selection during stage setup in the Creative and Enterprise Work Management tiers of Workflow. Using saved workflows

you can quickly set up deliverables or review stages with the same decision makers and commenters as previous workflows, thenupdate the dates.

Saved Workflows.png

My Tasks Update

The My Task area will now display only when you need to do something with one of the tasks in the area - either set up a workflow, make a decision, or submit feedback.