We’re really excited to bring you the first of this month’s releases of the Widen Collective. There’s a lot in store as you’ll see below! Our product, development, and UX teams have been hard at work gathering feedback from you, researching designs, and putting it all together in the Collective.

We’re even more excited to host our 6th annual global Widen Summit next Monday through Wednesday, October 16-18. There’s still time to register if you’d like to join in and connect with 200+ of your peers and Widen staff. Can’t make it? We’ll be sure to share great Summit content with you afterwards.

Now, on to 11.12.


Cropping enhancements

With this release, you’ll see an updated cropping experience that supports cropping assets to exact pixel dimensions and downloading cropped views. The updated user interface (UI) will allow you to immediately download a JPG, PNG, or GIF format of the cropped view and create a share link or embed code.

Drag and drop to crop, zoom, and see exact dimensions as you crop. Download and/or share what you’ve cropped, change the background color, and set custom aspect ratios. You can even rotate an image before it’s cropped and see embed codes change dynamically as you drag to crop.

Support for 360-degree videos

360-degree panoramic videos are now considered supported file types that can be uploaded to the Collective. Play the preview of the files and convert them to HD or SD formats to download or share. Pan around videos during playback by clicking and dragging, or on smartphones by rotating your device.

360 Video.png


Over these last few weeks, our Workflow team and user experience researchers have gathered lots of your feedback on the Workflow app, including questions on the layout and navigation, the flow to set up projects and deliverables, visibility of information about deliverables, and all the dates included on various pages - what do they mean?!


As a result of that feedback, we’ve made quite a few updates to the UI in the app.

Updates to the projects list

We gave the projects list a bit of a makeover and added a few pieces of relevant project information to it, too! You’ll now see the number of unassigned deliverables and due date for each project, along with the requester’s and project manager’s initials.

Project Details.png

See details about projects at a glance

We’ve given greater visibility to information about a project on the project page. The layout of the page has been updated to help you understand at a glance what’s happening with the project. See and make edits to information about the project, including the name, description, and reviewers. Add supporting files, and see the project timeline, deliverables, and project-level conversations on this page.

Project Visibility.png

Set up deliverables in two steps

There’s now a streamlined process for you to quickly set up deliverables. Based on your feedback, new deliverables were hard to locate, and there were too many choices when it came to setting up and routing them. Now, you can now set up a deliverable and start the workflow immediately - set up stages, due dates, and reviewers - or set up a deliverable and come back to complete the workflow later. Soon you’ll even be able to save the workflow for future reuse.

Find projects easier!

We’ve added a Projects option in the left navigation to help you quickly see requests that you’ve submitted, as well as those that are in progress or are closed. This area gives requesters high-level view of their projects. You can also request a new project from the Projects area, too.

Projects Left Nav.png

API update