When you're adding collections to a portal, collections will now display in a grid layout rather than the filmstrip layout. When you edit a portal, you'll want to take the time to modify the layout from the filmstrip to the grid layout.

To modify your portal, follow these steps:

  1. View an existing portal and take note of the collections that are there.
  2. Click Edit for the portal.
  3. Add a new asset section, then click Add Collections.
  4. Find the collections that currently exist in the portal by either:
    1. Selecting the Global Collections or My Collections tab
    2. Using the quick search and entering the collection title you noted
  5. Select the collections for use by either:
    1. Clicking an individual collection
    2. Batch selecting multiple collections in a row using SHIFT+CLICK
    3. Using Select All to select all collections in search results
  6. Click Add to see the collections in your portal.
  7. Set the preview of the collection by:
    1. Hovering over the collection and clicking Change preview
    2. Searching for an asset you'd like to use as the preview and cropping it to size. Note that the asset doesn't have to be an asset within the collection. You can select icons or other assets to use as a preview.
  8. Set the sort order of the collections by:
    1. Clicking Pin top collections
    2. Selecting the collections to be sorted at the top
    3. Dragging and dropping collections into your desired sort order
    4. Clicking Pin collections
    5. Clicking Update

Once the new layout is in place, delete the previous sections that include those collections.