Resolved Issue

  • The issue with collections opened on a mobile device directing users to the site’s login page, not the collection itself, has been resolved.


Sort Assets by Pinning

You can now pin assets in asset sections in order to give precedence to assets in a section and display them more prevalently for users. The rest of the assets in the section will display in the sort order you’ve selected.


Quick Review

When you want to quickly send a deliverable out for review, you can now send it through the quick review or drop it into the left navigation. The entire left navigation is a drop zone, allowing you to create projects on the fly and get them moving, well, quickly.

Add Commenters

When you’re setting up a workflow and adding reviewers, you may notice that we’ve made some updates to when a decision is required and when reviewers only need to comment. Add and delete reviewers based on what action you need them to take in a proof.