If I want to create a new collection for a portal, can I do that from directly in the portal?


If I upgrade from Standard Portals to Brand Portals, can I still access the Standard Portals I created?

Yes, you can still access those portals; however, you can't create any new Standard Portals. 

I created a portal and downloaded assets, but none of the metadata fields went will. Will this change?

XMP metadata isn't embedded when assets are downloaded from a portal. We're looking to include this when we allow high-res format downloads in the future, however.

Can I put a caption below an image preview in a portal?

No, but you can allow filenames to display below previews.

Do I need a Widen Collective account to view portals?

No. If portals are shared with you, you don't need to be a registered Collective user to view them. However, if portals shared with you require an access code, the portal creator will supply that.

Can I modify how portals display on the Dashboard?

No, but you can search and filter for portals from the Dashboard.

When I expire a portal, do assets in the Collective also expire?

No. Only the portal is expired. The asset expiration date in your site does not change.

Can I see details in a spreadsheet - like access codes and emails - for portal views?