This month begins the start of our two-week release cycle. Read on below to learn about what you’ll see in the Widen Collective and applications with the 11.6 release on Saturday, July 22.


  • To help you better analyze engagement with videos, we’ve updated the Quick Insights details to include loads instead of embed views. Loads are the count of the video embedded on websites, intranets, social media, e-commerce sites, or in emails.

  • The issue with excluding collections by default from the All Assets Search has been resolved.


  • The issue with geohash codes rather than geolocation names displaying in exports of Insights charts details has been resolved.


  • The issue with accented characters not displaying correctly in translated when you’re editing a portal and in public portals has been resolved.


  • With updates to the Workflow user interface, you can now create projects or request forms by clicking the + icon next to "Project setup" or "Manage forms."

  • A strikethrough option has been added for use when you’re commenting on a proof and want to delete text. When striking through, you’ll see “Remove (selected text)” automatically indicated in the activity stream.

  • Upload your own avatar in your user profile so others can see who you are and so you can quickly see your activity in the app. Upload a BMP, GIF, or PNG file of up to 2 MB in size, which will then be used throughout the app.