Besides adding individual assets to a portal, you can also add single or multiple collections to a portal. Adding collections allows you to create a portal but manage collections directly from the Widen Collective. When released assets are added to collections in the Collective, they’ll automatically be added to the portal. When they’re deleted in the Collective, they’ll be deleted from the portal. 

Any global and personal collections from within the Collective can be in a portal. Add collections by adding an assets section, then choosing "Add collections."

The space for the collections in the portal dynamically adjusts as assets are added or deleted in the Collective.


Search for collections or filter by global and personal collections to narrow the results that display, then select and add them to your portal. Add multiple collections by selecting them individually, holding shift and click to select a range, or dragging your mouse over multiple collections to select a range.

Collection layouts

If you only select one collection, you'll see a layout with up to four previews based on how the previews are set up in the Assets app. Update the previews in Assets if you'd like different images to display in the portal. When you add a single collection, you can update the title of the collection in the portal itself and the title within the Collective won't change.


Pin top collections and set previews

If you select multiple collections, the collections will appear in a grid layout. Hover over the collection and select Change preview to update the image in the portal. Search for an asset you'd like to use as the preview and crop it to size. Note that the preview asset doesn't have to be an asset within the collection. You can select icons or others assets not included in the collection to use for the preview.

After you’ve added collections to the portal, select a sort order by pinning collections you want to give prominence to.

Choose collection settings

For each section, click the gear icon to choose how collections will display and the actions users can take with the collections. Display asset filenames, allow users to search the section, select the number of assets that display on each page, and choose a sort order of those assets. You can also allow download and sharing of assets from collections.

Add more collections

Click the Add icon to add more collections to the section and to update the pinned sort order of collections.

Remove collections

If there are multiple collections in a section, quickly remove individual collections by hovering over the collection and selecting the trash can icon. You can also click the Manage icon, then uncheck the ones you want to remove.

For sections with just one collection included, delete the section by clicking the trash can icon.