With the Administrate Templates in Template Group permission for a template group, you can add asset choices to templates from Manage templates and from the Document Details page in the Templates app. You can also add asset choices from Template Settings > Templates in the Admin app. Asset choices are those you want to make available to users to choose from when they customize a template. In the Business and Enterprise tiers, asset choices can be selected for each image frame of a template.

From the locations above, you can also allow users to upload their own images as asset choices - the images won’t be uploaded to the Assets app, however - or choose from the list of assets you’ve selected.

To add asset choices, click the tab on the Document Details page, then select the image frame (if there are multiple frames) and search for assets you want to include. Use the quick search or switch to the advanced search. (From Manage Templates and Template Settings in the Admin app, click Selected in the Assets column to access asset choices and add assets.)

Assets are linked by dynamic search from the Collective to Templates. As you or users add, remove, and reorganize assets in the Collective, the asset choices for your template will automatically update.

Select assets for each frame

Per frame asset selection control is available in the Business and Enterprise tiers of Templates. If there are multiple frames in your template, each can offer different asset choices for customization. Assign individual assets to each frame or set up a saved search for the frame. For example, the asset choices for a customizable "logo" image section of a sell sheet can be limited to assets tagged as logos in the Collective. The customizable "product image" section of the same template can offer a completely different set of asset choices, like those included in the Product Image category in the Collective.

To assign assets to a specific frame, the frame in InDesign needs to have a unique name. For the asset choices that are listed, if the layer in InDesign is named with the default filename, brackets display around the frame name (rather than quotes) in the Collective. The designer must edit the layer name in InDesign for an image frame to be customizable with specific assets.


Click Add for individual assets from search results, add all images, or if there are more than 500 results, add the first 500 images. They’ll be added to the list above the search.

You can also switch to the advanced search to search for assets by metadata fields, asset group, category, collection, etc. Switch back and forth between the advanced and quick search by clicking the button.

Delete asset choices

Remove assets that shouldn’t be available asset choices individually by clicking below the thumbnail in search results or in a batch by selecting multiple assets in the list of choices, then clicking Remove.