To learn about terms your users are entering when searching for assets on your Widen Collective site, you can create an Insights chart to see the popular search terms using the instructions here.

First, create a new chart in Insights and select the source of Engagement > Searches.

Next, specify your date range.

Edit your Group By fields. In Choose an area to group by, select Search Details.

Under Add a value to group the x-axis by, choose Search Terms.

Optionally, you can also choose to add additional filters. We recommend selecting a few options to see what the results return. For example, you may want to see which terms a specific user is searching. Or you may want to exclude a specific user's search from the results. This is helpful if you, as an admin, are searching a lot and you don't want to dilute the data with your own searches.

Add filter

Filter details

Data will display in a chart and also below it. See the data in an overview format or in a detailed view.

The Details view will give you insight into who's searching, what type of searches they're running, the terms they're searching, and the number of results. This can be helpful to finding searches that return zero results or, on the flip side, those that return an abnormally large number of results.

You can also choose to export either view.

Search help

More information about search term types is available from the More dropdown > Search help. Scroll about halfway down the page to find the quick search key.

Quick search tips