Templates can be organized into template groups. Groups determine what templates you have permission to view, customize, download, and order and control the security that templates in the group require. For example, users in one division can be restricted to only be able to access templates from their own product lines.

Place templates into groups on the Document Details page and create template groups from Template Settings in the Admin app. Template groups that templates are included in can also be edited when you're managing templates.

If you’re in the Business or Enterprise tiers for Templates, you can create multiple template groups. One template group is available for the Workgroup tier. Note that in the Business tier, if you currently have the maximum of five template groups created you'll need to delete a group, then create a new one.

Create template groups

With the Create Template Groups permission, you can create template groups from Template Settings in the Admin app. To create a group:

  1. Click Template groups in the left navigation.

  2. Click Create template group.

  3. Enter a name and, if applicable, description.

  4. Click Create.

To rename a template group, just click the name and enter a new name, then click Update or update it and edit associated permissions.

For template groups, in the Admin app you can also:

  • See the number of templates included in a template group

  • Enable that templates are placed in template groups by default when they’re uploaded to the Widen Collective

  • Edit the name and description of a template group

  • Edit permissions for a template group

  • Delete a template group

Delete template groups

You may need to delete a template group before adding another if you're in the Business tier, which has a maximum number of five template groups. To delete a group, go to Template Settings > Template groups, then click Delete for the group you no longer need.

If a template is included in a group that's deleted, it won't display for users. You can quickly identify templates without template groups from the Manage Templates tab. A red exclamation mark displays on the tab if there are templates without template groups.