Yes. To access the app, you need the Access Templates permission in the Templates app in the Widen Collective. To access the category search for templates, you need the Tier 1: Access Templates Category Search.

To administrate templates, you'll need these permissions:

  • Administrate Orders
  • Administrate Template Categories
  • Administrate Templates Conversion Formats
  • Administrate Templates Delivery Methods
  • Create Template Groups
  • Export Templates Order Reports


Additionally, each template group has its own set of permissions, which are:

  • Administrate Template Group
  • Administrate Templates in Template Group
  • Customize and Order Templates in Template Group
  • Expire Templates in Template Group
  • Release Templates in Template Group
  • Require Order Approval
  • View Templates in Template Group

Collective admins can set up permissions in the Collective.

The Templates feature must also be enabled by your customer success manager.