With permission, you can administrate templates from Manage Templates within the Templates app and from Template Settings > Templates in the Admin app.

Administrating templates may involve releasing and expiring templates, adding templates to template groups, and selecting assets that can be used in templates (in addition to the ones designers have already selected). From Template Settings, you can also:

  • See analytics for templates, including the number of customizations, downloads, and orders

  • Create template categories, conversion formats, delivery methods, and template groups

  • See orders that have been placed for templates and reorder, expire, and extend orders


Quickly see data for your templates from within the Admin app. See the number of times each template has been customized, how many times a template has been downloaded and emailed/ordered, and the number of times each conversion format has been downloaded. You can display analytics data for templates for the last seven days, 30 days, and year. Click the Customizations label to sort templates by the most and least customized.