You can manage templates by clicking Manage templates in the Templates app. Managing templates involves choosing assets that can be used, releasing and expiring them, determining roles that can see templates, and defining and configuring template groups.

If a designer has uploaded a new template that's either unreleased or is not assigned to a template group (so no one has permission to customize it), a badge displays on the tab that indicates the number of unreleased templates and those without assigned template groups.

As part of managing templates, you sort all the templates that have been uploaded. Sort by status (released unreleased expired), template name, and the last modified date (which is when it was last updated from InDesign).

Newly uploaded templates will be unreleased; you must release them for users to access and customize them. You can also release templates for use, expire old templates, update asset choices available for a template, and in the Business and Workgroup tiers, choose template groups.

Asset choices

Add asset choices to templates by clicking None or Selected in the Assets column when managing templates.

Search for and add assets that can be used in templates from the Document Details page, which can be accessed by clicking a template's name. Click the Asset Choices tab, then scroll to the quick search area to find assets. In the quick search, enter a keyword or term to find assets in the quick search or use the advanced search to save a search. The search searches the Collective. You can also choose to allow users to upload images from their own computers.

Click Add to add individual assets you want to include as choices from search results or add all the images from search results. You can also set up a Templates saved search for assets from search results.