You can search for and customize templates from the Templates app in the Widen Collective. Customizing allows you to modify text and image areas in templates that designers have created and uploaded to the Collective. Access the Templates app from the apps menu.


The Templates home page displays all templates you can customize in what’s called a live editor. Those are the templates that designers have created in InDesign. Templates are organized into categories and can be searched for by filename and metadata, much like searching is performed in the Assets app.

Once you find a template, click the template filename to page through each page to make sure you’re customizing the template you want. Click the arrow below the preview to see each page in the template. Once you're sure, click Customize and the web version of the template displays in the live editor.

A rectangle displays over any image and text elements designers have designated as areas you can customize.

Resize and crop customizable images in the live editor.

Click Change Image to upload your own image (if uploads are allowed for the template) or to see a gallery of images that an admin has pre-selected from the Collective as choices that you can use in the template. Click an image to replace the existing image.

If designers have configured the template so you can upload images from your computer into customizable image areas, select to upload from the dropdown, click Choose, then browse your computer for an image.

Click any customizable text area to edit the copy. The text style can be modified to any of the paragraph or character styles designers have defined for the template in InDesign.

Designers can configure customizable text areas with a validation so that when you enter something like a phone number, email address, or URL, an error message is presented if what you’ve entered doesn’t match the pattern.

When you’re done customizing the template, click Finished to close the live editor. You’ll be taken to a page in the Collective to preview, download, and order the customized document. Click download to download final, customized templates as print-ready PDFs. Click Order to email it to someone else, like a printer, or an admin for approval. If preview, download, or order buttons don’t display, you don’t have permission to perform those activities.

See a history of your customized templates under Documents in the My activity dropdown in the Templates app. Hover over each template to see a larger preview, or view, download, order, or delete the template.