After you start a project via quick review or by submitting a work request, you can create deliverables for it. Deliverables are output pieces of projects, like postcards, table tents, booklets, photography, body copy, and more. Projects can have one or multiple deliverables. Create as many deliverables as you need for each project.

For each deliverable, you can upload proofs and route those proofs as part of the project. Add deliverables to projects, close them when the project is complete, or delete them if they aren't needed. 

All deliverables for a project are listed on each project's page, along with a timeline for each deliverable.

Create deliverables

To add a new a deliverable to a project, select an in-progress project from the project details page then click Create deliverable in the Deliverables area. Add a deliverable name, then you'll be taken to set up the deliverable.

For a deliverable that's been created but not set up, Needs setup will be indicated for it on the project details page.

Add some information about the deliverable, including a description, start and due dates, and who the deliverable manager and proof provider is. The deliverable manager is responsible for the creation and management of the deliverable and will default to the proof provider's name, but you can change that when creating each deliverable.

If you have it, add the proof and set up the workflow to route the proof. Select from saved workflows or create a new saved workflow, then set up review stages and add reviewers and commenters. Click Complete setup when you're done!

Note that, when adding reviewers, if you select that only comments are needed from a reviewer and that reviewer indicates that they're finished commenting on a proof, you're unable to change that reviewer's review type to approval required. The reverse is also applicable.

Add deliverables to project requests

If you already know the deliverables that will be needed when you're requesting a project, you can add them to the form before submitting the request.

Close deliverables

As a project creator, you can close a deliverable for a project if it's no longer needed or after review is complete. When a deliverable is closed, reviewers can no longer comment on it or provide feedback.

Deliverables can be closed for proofs that are that in review, with review completed, or for proofs that are needed, and for in-progress projects. Deliverables must be closed individually for each project.

To close a deliverable, click the project name, select the deliverable, then click Close Deliverable in the project's details.

You can simply close the deliverable or close it and select an upload profile, then upload it to the Assets app.