If the Drupal integration is enabled on your site, use the instructions below to install and configure Drupal 7. See the "How do I install Drupal 8?" article for installation and configuration instructions for that version.

Download the module

The CKEditor module must be installed before you install the Drupal module. A working understanding of CKEditor is beneficial to using the integration.

After download and configuration are complete, download and install the module from the Connectors tab in your user profile in the Collective, then edit the user settings in Drupal to authorize your account.

Download the CKEditor

Download the CKEditor package from the CKEditor Download page.

To configure the CKEditor:

1. Enable both the WidenDAM module and CKEditor module.

2. Click the Configuration tab, then CKEditor in the Content Authoring section.

3. Click edit for each profile listed under Profiles. You don't need to edit the global profile.

4. Check Plugin to search for and embed Assets from WidenDAM, which can be located by expanding the Editor Appearance section, then scrolling to the Plugins section.

5. In the Toolbar section above, drag the Widen icon from All buttons into the Used buttons section. Repeat this step for any other applicable CKEditor profiles.

6. Click Save.

7. Return to the Configuration tab and click Text formats in the Content Authoring section8. Click to configure the filtered HTML text format, then scroll to the Filter settings section.

8. If limit-allowed HTML tags are enabled, add <img> (for images) and <iframe> (for videos) to the allowed HTML tags list.

9. Click Save Configuration.

How to use the CKEditor

1. Edit the body of HTML content as you would with the CKEditor.

2. Click the Widen logo in the CKEditor toolbar to embed images or videos from the Collective.

3. Enter search term(s) to search the Collective for assets to embed into your content. Search functionality in Drupal is similar to the search functionality in the Collective.

4. Select an embed code from the dropdown menu.

5. Click Embed to embed the asset into your website. The image or video will display at the cursor location in the CKEditor.

Install the module

The Widen DAM Module must be installed and a connection to the Collective configured in Drupal before you begin using the integration.

To install:

  1. Log in to Drupal.
  2. Click Modules.
  3. In the User Interface section, check the box to enable the Collective.

To configure a connection to the Collective:

  1. Click Configure or the Configurations tab.
  2. Enter your Collective site URL.
  3. Click Save.

Authorize access from Drupal

You must authorize access to the Collective from Drupal:

  1. Go to your user account page in Drupal.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Click Authorize with Widen DAM.
  4. Click Allow when directed to the Collective.