If sharing is enabled by the portal creator, you'll see a share icon when you hover on assets in the portal. One asset at a time can be shared.

When you share an asset, choose the kind of link you need from the dropdown, then copy the share link, the embed code, or the direct link.

You can share:

  • Audio files
  • Generic binary files
  • GIFs
  • Illustrator archives
  • Images
  • InDesign files and InDesign archives
  • Microsoft Office documents
  • PDFs and PDF archives
  • Videos and video archives

You may need to indicate your intended use or agree to the site's policy and terms before sharing.

Share links, embed codes, and direct links

Share links are designed to share assets from one user to another, quickly and easily. Usually shared through an email or via a quick message, they link to a simple webpage that hosts the embed code for an asset. Share links are shortened for ease of use, and can be thought of as a shortened direct link.

Embed codes are blocks of HTML text that allow you to embed content directly in your website, content management system, or other online source while maintaining central control of the code from your site. When assets are updated in your site, embed codes are automatically updated on linked websites, allowing the most current view of assets to always display.

A direct link is the URL in the embed code, and it returns the asset directly. It's useful to use when another app accepts a URL to an image, video, or document. This allows the app to modify how it displays that image. Direct links are typically longer than share links, but easier to modify.