You can collect intended use in portals when users download or share assets. When you have the Collect Intended Use on External Collections feature enabled in the Widen Collective, users will need to choose their intended use when downloading or sharing assets from a portal, including when they download all assets. They may also need to agree to your site's policy and terms before downloading or sharing.

Enable the feature on the Features page in the Admin app.

If you only need to collect intended use, users will enter their email address and select what they're using the file for before they can download or share. By default, the intended use field is blank the first time users select a use. Once they select a use, the field defaults to the one selected until they update it.

They can update their intended use by clicking Change.

If you need to collect intended use and want users to review the site's EULA, users will first choose their intended use, then agree to the policy and terms.